Social Services

Help citizens to navigate services rendered by local government agencies or other organizations in the different areas of child, elders, and homeless abuse as well as domestic violence, family planning, social rehabilitation services, assistance in natural disasters and other of the kind. Lectures and guidance for personal or family improvement.

Legal Services and claims defense

Services designed to protect human and civil rights, including those of ethnic groups. Includes guidance on legal problems and provide information. If permissible and available legal counsel to represent

them in court and other forums as well.

Educational and Research Services

Coordinate with local agencies or organizations to channel individuals thru their programs and activities like academic, technical, professional, artistic, intellectual development, cultural education. Also, research and practice in the education, science, technology, socio-economic and community development, among other fields.

Health services

Serve as the information HUB of health offerings by local government

agencies and other charitable organizations

Art and culture

Thru coordination with other organizations the dissemination of programs towards the development of musical, artistic, theatrical, folkloric, craftsmanship, literary, dance, or performing arts, poetry, and museum arts activities. It includes research or publication on any of these subjects, as well the development of forums lectures, exhibits, festival, concerts, performances, workshops and short courses of informal education.

Housing services

Help distribute information from local government and other organizations that Include programs or activities on guidance and financial aid for housing, location and relocation services and other services of the sort.

Environmental Services

Coordinate with other local government and other organizations all activities that protect and improve the environment such as, educational projects, activist groups, recycling campaigns, cleaning campaigns.

Economic, Social and community development

Promoting of the quality of life in communities through local organization development, cooperatives, and other of the kind, and improvement of institutional infrastructure to tackle social problems and address public wellbeing.


Include all activities of economic support or any other nature that focus on funding project operations and programs of organizations or financing operations and development of other non-profit organizations.

International Events

Include programs, projects, and organizations focused on the development of international humanitarian projects, on promoting international peace, human and civil rights, the development of foreign relations and social development abroad.

Other services

Any other service no described above.