Mission Statement 

Focus on building tolerant societies through the active participation of all citizens, emphasizing the social well-being of each individual. Strengthen and promote human rights and diversity of views to support democratically elected governments, ensuring that every citizen feels valued and included.

 Advocate for public policies that guarantee development and legal, cultural, economic, and social justice. Ensure that all citizens can fully exercise their fundamental human rights within their communities. Implement initiatives in social services, economic development, and cultural enrichment to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

 Forge strategic partnerships with organizations across borders and continents to combat corruption and address the lack of information in communities. Collaborate with other nations to protect and improve the lives of the most vulnerable citizens.

 Promote the sustainable use of natural resources, environmental protection, and the preservation and restoration of ecological balance, ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations.


Strengthen civil society to pave the way for a participatory society. Promote the dignity of each person and their self-determination in all aspects of life, enabling them to fully realize their potential as human beings.

Build a genuine and participatory political democracy where citizens can freely exercise their rights, including the right to a fair administration of justice, freedom of association, free expression, and freedom of belief and religion. Ensure the exercise of all fundamental freedoms that allow individuals to fully enjoy their rights.

Promote and defend the rights of children and youth, recognizing their legitimate right to a happy future and social peace. Advocate for the rights of minority and segregated groups, ensuring their full inclusion and equality.

Develop and implement targeted programs to protect and sustain the environment, promoting ecological balance and the responsible use of natural resources.

Our Values


 Human Rights for All: We believe in the inherent human rights of all citizens, regardless of origin, race, creed, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or religion.

 Dignified Law Implementation: We believe in upholding and implementing the law with dignity and respect for every individual.

 Inclusive Societies: We envision societies where citizens can fully participate in the political, economic, social, and cultural life of their communities.

 Equality and Justice: We reject inequalities based on race, sexual orientation, and citizenship, advocating for equal treatment and opportunities for all.

 Accountability in Public Power: We believe that public officials must be accountable for their actions and subject to audits at the end of their public service.

 Empowering Communities: We support citizens and their communities in driving societal change and fostering collective progress.

 Engagement in Controversial Issues: We are committed to addressing controversial issues, offering solutions that tackle root causes, and working towards systematic change.

 Fostering Debate: We believe in facilitating debates to ensure diverse opinions are heard and respected.

 Integrity and Ethical Conduct: Global Community in Action conducts its affairs with the highest standards of integrity, acting honestly and ethically, complying with all laws and regulations, and avoiding actual or potential conflicts of interest.