Mission Statement

Work to build tolerant societies with the participation of all citizens. Strengthen and promote human rights and diversity of views among its citizens to help support democratically elected governments.

Support public policies were ensuring development, legal, cultural, economic, social justice, and full participation of citizens to exercise their fundamental human rights in the community where they are. Create and implement initiatives in social services, economic and culture. Build strategic partnerships with different organizations through our borders and continents to combat corruption and the lack of information in communities. Working with any nation to protect, and improve the lives of the neediest citizens.

Promote sustainable use of natural resources, environmental protection and the preservation and restoration of ecological balance.


  1. Strengthening civil society to clear the way for a participatory society.

  2. Promoting the dignity of the person and their self-determination in all walks of life and full realization as a human being.

  3. Build a real and participatory political democracy. Where citizens can enjoy the freedom and exercise their rights, the right to a proper administration of justice, the right to freedom of association, free expression, freedom of belief and religion. As well as the exercise of all fundamental freedoms that enable the full enjoyment of their rights.

  4. Promote and defend the rights of children and youth with their legitimate right to have a happy future and social peace.

  5. Promote and defend the rights of minority segregated groups of individuals.

  6. Promote and develop targeted programs on the environment

Our Values

We believe in human rights for all citizens regardless of their origin, race, creed, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and religion.

We believe in the fulfillment and implementation of the law but with dignity.

We believe in societies where citizens have full rights to participate in the political, economic, social, and cultural life in the society where they live.

We reject the inequalities of race, gender, sexual orientation, and citizenship.

We believe that people in a position of public power must be accountable for their actions and they must be audited at the end of their public service.

We believe in supporting citizens and their communities to bring about change in society itself.

We consider participating in controversial issues and offer solutions that reach the roots of the causes and move towards a systematic change with a satisfactory solution.

We believe that the debate will facilitate and guarantee the different opinions.

Global Community in Action is to conduct affairs with a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. This includes always acting in an honest and ethical manner in compliance with all laws and regulations and avoiding actual or potential conflicts of interest

Pastor Herrera President.

Working for and with the community has been one of my inner passions. Ever since I was in Cuba, I was deeply involved in civil society organizations. I wake up every day with the hope of contributing to change the world bit by bit with the cooperation of all my fellow citizens. Hoping one-day equity and justice will reign thru out the wor

George Mendel Vice-President

Strong advocacy for human rights has been the driving force behind his work for the Elderly, LGBT, Immigrant and the community as a whole in the DC metro area since 1998. He keeps the organization focused on its mission and objectives.

Alexander Gonzalez

Director of Social Media and LGBT Affairs

He established the organization's presence in social networks and media and is actively involved in matters that affect our community.

Since 2001 he is a staunch supporter of AIDS education in the Latin LGBT community and advocate for the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people into our society.

Consuelo Palacios

Director of Central American Affairs

Brings a rich array of options and opportunities to our mission in Central and South America

Roberto Palacios Zepeda

Director of Salvadorian Legal Affairs

With over 15 years of experience in criminal and civil law in El Salvador and as a Judge of adjudications. Helps the organization with all legal matters in El Salvador.