LGBTQ support groups

Gay seniors Group every third Friday of the month, between 6 and 10 pm, a diverse and dynamic group of gay seniors meet at GCIA for an evening of low-pressure hanging out. We supply snacks, coffee, and tea; participants enjoy them during conversations and topics that are relevant to their age and station in their lives.

Helping Hand for the elderly

A  program that helps elderly with minor home repairs and other errands.

A weekend without technology

Global community in action developed a program for families of the DC, MD, and VA. The primary objective is to help improve family communication and to strengthen family bonds among all the family members;  thru participation in physical and mental activities that help foster the communication and family values parents their children and other members of the community.
We have about 35 families with two to five children per family; our families are from diverse backgrounds and race we gather every other Sunday afternoon in a local community park for about 3 hours. During that time, we play  Soft-Ball, Badminton, kickball. All together parents and children of all ages. 
The primary objective here is that thru these games is to keep all the family members engaged and away from technology for a few hours and to encourage verbal communication and physical exercise among all its participants.